Slimming Therapies / Health Therapies

Body and Health Clinic is managed by Tina Carvalho, a qualified Therapeutic Aromatherapist and certified Louise Hay Workshop Facilitator.

Body and Health Clinic offers:

  • Aromatherapy lymphatic drainage massage
  • Hot Rock massage.
  • Hot Rock massage workshops
  • Louise Hay workshops
  • Skype conference, email Tina, for details

Body and Health Products distribute tried and tested herbal products directly to our customers. In this way we seek to provide our customers with complete customer service.

Our customer services provide:

  • Direct order online
  • Delivery of your orders to your postal or physical address- saving you time shopping
  • Customer care Tel line, Skype or email, to assist you with information on the products
  • Customer satisfaction. If you not happy with the service or products that you have used, call our tel line or email us.  
  • Support given, after training sessions

Meltaway Detoxification and Slimming Supplement

Meltaway herbal drops may assist hepatobiliary functions by increasing formation and secretion of bile which assists in liver detoxification and digestive metabolism of fats. Stimulation of renal function provides a diuretic effect which may assist in reduction of water retention. Fucus vesiculosis is reputed to be of value in supporting thyroid function and may assist in reduction of adipose tissue. Meltaway herbal drops, just 40 drops a day helps to "melt the fat away".

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Athletes oil, Contour Perfect® Body Oil

Contour Perfect Body Oil for Athletes is a heat activated muscle warming anti cellulite oil. It restores balance to muscles and helps to prevent overstretching and injury. It is formulated with essential oils and seaweed extract to provide a multi active treatment.

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Contour Perfect® body oil anti-cellulite treatment

Contour Perfect body oil® is formulated with essential oils and seaweed extract to provide a multi active anti-cellulite treatment. Cellulite is reduced by assisting the reduction of adipose tissue and excess fluid in the hypodermis. Contour Perfect body oil® has been tried and tested in clinical practise and used by clients as a home slimming and anti-cellulite treatment since 1994.

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A Qualified Louise Hay Workshop Facilitator

Touch forgiveness and be free - healed
(developed by: Louise L Hay , Love Yourself, Heal your life) - this course is designed to release you from old or new suffering and negative beliefs - to free yourself - gain a clean start of body and health , mind and spirit. Come join us and help yourself

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Aromatherapy Massage and Essential Oils Available

An aromatherapy massage works to soothe the body, boost circulation and help clear the lymphatic system. With improved blood supply, nerve impulses are stimulated, stress is relieved, old tensions are cleared and toxic wastes are flushed out. This helps the body achieve homeostasis and can then use it's natural healing potential.

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Butters & Essences Retail Prices

Hot Rock Massage and Training

Hot Rock Massage Therapy uses heated smooth Olivine basalt in combination with lymphatic drainage massage. The stones are heated to a comfortable level before being rubbed along the body. Working along the meridian lines these heated volcanic rocks are invaluable in treating a vast array of complaints and bringing the body into relaxation.

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Business Opportunities

Complementary medicine and health care systems have become part of many people's lives in South Africa. Body and Health have services, training programmes and products and we invite you to contact us if you would like to provide these services and products to your clients.

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